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IBM Extends Open Invitation to Play With Its Quantum Computer

IBM last week announced that it would allow researchers and scientists to run experiments using its quantum processor. The IBM Quantum Experience runs on the IBM Cloud. Users will be able to run algorithms and experiments on the quantum processor; work with individual quantum bits, or qubits; and explore tutorials and simulations on the possibilities opened up by quantum computing. IBM Quantum Computing Scientist Jay Gambetta is pictured above using a tablet to interact with the IBM Quantum Experience. The ...

The Elegant Tech That May Make the Hyperloop a Reality

WHEN IT COMES to making the Hyperloop a reality, there’s no shortage of problems to be solved. There’s the question of how to propel the people- or cargo-filled pods to 750 mph or more. There are concerns about where how to build the tubes to carry those pods, and where to put the bathrooms. And there’s the whole thing about how to make those pods levitate. Now, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (not to be confused with its competitor, Hyperloop Technologies) say ...

The Mind-Boggling Challenge of Designing 120-Sided Dice

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM with a 120-sided die is not its size, or its weight, or even its price. The biggest problem with a 120-sided die is no one knows what to do with it, a fact not lost on the people who created it. “We were a little concerned to make this because it’s so expensive and there’s no real use for it,” says Robert Fathauer. Fathauer is one half of Dice Lab, a small company in Phoenix that explores ...

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